Zelltech V-sky fiberglass reinforced plastic roofing and gutter provide the perfect green roof solution to meet your sustainable building lighting and energy saving requirements.

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Why pay for what nature provides for free?
Why pay for the best light that you can have... The Sun

V-Sky’s translucent fiberglass reinforced plastic roofing panels substantially reduce the amount
of artificial illumination and electricity needed to light the inside of your building.


Zelltech has spent time and cost on research and has been developing and manufacturing green efficiency industrial products for over 10 years...

Zelltech develops and manufactures products for the green cause. Zelltech V-Sky FRP panels are the contemporary solutions for the modern environment. Using the eco friendly FRP roofing panels and gutters from Zelltech V-Sky means contributing to energy efficiency and reduce our foot prints on the environment.

V-Sky’s translucent fiberglass reinforced plastic roofing panels is the product that you wanted to be in your list of requirement to be an eco-responsible company. With our strong network across the globe, we are able to serve our customers potentially everywhere. Zelltech operates worldwide with partners, resellers, dealers and consultants in United States, Hongkong, and Indonesia. For our project - contractor clients, we provide comprehensive consulting services to ensure you get the best and the most effective results.




Whether you are looking for daylighting or extreme corrosion resistance, V-sky has a product designed to meet your expectation. In addition to fire retardant and strong panels, V-sky's products are designed to fully optimize corrosion resistance, and to become the most durable, longest lasting fiberglass building panels on the market today.

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High Strength

V-Sky panels are strong, durable and shatter resistant. They have a high strength to modulus ratio.

Good Weathering Characteristics

V-Sky panels have `built-in` UV and weather protection. There is no need to apply costly coatings or film. The outer exteriors of V-Sky are coated by Dupont Melinex.


V-Sky offers a wide range of manufacturing and technical capabilities to meet specific needs. V-Sky are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and profiles are adaptable.

Difused Light Transmission

V-Sky panels are translucent panels that provide soft diffused transmitted light.

Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

FRP panels remain virtually unaffected in many chemical environments. There`ll be no rust, rot, scale or mildew.


V-Sky panels are naturally resilient and withstand large deflections associated with normal load and impact conditions without suffering damage.


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